Monday, April 7, 2014

Emilia – She Finally Showed Her Tits

Oh! Yeah! It’s a total knock out for us to see that the amazing beauty Emilia finally got nude for us, showing her amazing pair of tits. The beautiful singer appears in a provocative see-trough outfits while shooting for the fashion VINCIT boutique. The brand’s clothes are done by Emilia’s close friend Vesela Toteva and I have to tell you - these are some fine clothes. Hope we will be able to see more nude Emilia coming up.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Anelia – Super Sexy at the 11th Planeta Awards

One ot our favorite pop-folk stars – Anelia has shown again how heavenly gorgeous she is. The beauty appeared at the 11th annual Planeta TV awards in two amazing outfits. The first one was an elegant black dress, while the second was a nice sexy white suit with no back, which gave great view over her torso. This woman is really pushing it at the style and sexy department, don’t you agree?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Kamelia – Wearing a Provocative Top at the 11th Planeta Music Awards

The seductive diva Kamelia has blown our minds away yet again. The blond bomb appeared wearing no bra with an opened top, which gave a great view over her breasts. Well we could have probably seen something more like a nipple slip, but the luck was not on our side this time.

Gloria – Sexy Downblouse While Dancing on the Stage of “Dancing Stars”

Gloria a.k.a “The Prima of the Pop-Folk” is one of the first folk stars who began making this genre popular. Of course having such glory, everybody knows her, and without a doubt many man still want to see her naked. Unfortunately this amazing woman has never done anything near nudity in magazines, clips or anything. Still there are some sexy materials around her and here is one. Gloria is now participating in the “Dancing Stars” TV show and on one of the dances she gave a good down-blouse view. Please excuse us for the bad quality of the pics.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Luiza Grigorova Sexy Beach Picture

OK, this is an old picture from the summer of 2012, but Luiza Grigorova is so gorgeous in her black bikini that we just could not resist posting it. Such a great body is sexy in almost anything.

Луиза Григорова секси на плажа 2012

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kali – Super Sexy at the 11th “Planeta” Awards (2013)

Kali is another of those sexy pop-folk singers with an incredible sexual charm and charisma. Even though she is famous from quite a while, she kind of goes against the general nudity rule of the stars in that music style. Yes, she did a nude photo session, but later she decided that the pictures should not be published. Well they did licked trough the internet, but they were censored. Too bad, but trust me they will appear sometime. Pictures like that always appear at the right moment. Anyway, after her transfer to the “Payner” music company she became a lot sexier and a bit more provocative. Check her out in her super sexy low cut dress, singing at the 11th annual “Planeta” music awards 2013.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Borisa Tutundjieva Nude Calendar Video + Sexy Pics

Borisa Tutunjieva is a glamorously beautiful Bulgarian top model and actress, a winner of the title “Queen of Beauty”. Her modeling career began in Italy where she promotes many famous brands. In 2012 she takes a role in the movie “Wrong Turn”. Here she is in a backstage nude video taken while shooting for a calendar.

Emma Watson – A See-Trough Outfit in Mariano Vivanco Photoshot

image host The ultra sexy star Emma Watson has once again shown some skin in a stunning photo session for Mariano Vivanco. Check out those see-trough nipple pics and enjoy, a we did. :)

Viktoria Terziyska See-Trough Nipples

The singer Viktoria Terziyska has appeared in a see-trough outfit during a performance. The black top gave a perfect view over her perky nipples. We are sure that it was a great show.

Viktoria Terziyska See-Trough -1-
Viktoria Terziyska See-Trough -2-
Viktoria Terziyska See-Trough -3-

Виктория Терзийска се появи в прозрачна дреха по време на участие. Прозрачната материя даваше прекрасна гледка към зърната на певицата. Сигулни сме, че шоуто е било на ниво.


Raina – Sexy Beautiful Pictures

The Pop-Folk singer Raina is one of the natural beauties of Bulgaria’s stage life, but unfortunately she has not done any nude scenes or photo shots yet. There are not even paparazzi nude pics of that woman. And while we do hope that such sexy, nude materials of Raina are going to come in the near future, for now we can only please our eyes with some stunningly, beautiful pictures. Man, she has an amazing body.
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